Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plugging Along

Only one picture to post this time around...

It is an in-progress shot of a necklace I'm making on request from a friend.  Stainless steel, 18 gauge (1.2 mm) rings with a 1/4" inner diameter.  The weave is Captive Inverted Round with a single captive ring. 

I am also working on a flogger made entirely of jeweler's brass and continuing to tinker with my other big projects (namely the banner and the TARDIS sculpture).  I've decided that since there are so many people out there creating chainmail jewelry - especially in the more popular/simpler weaves - that I'm going to start focusing on making art pieces (sculpture) as well as accesories like belts, bags, purses and home decor items.  I enjoy doing those and I would like to be making things that not everybody and their cousin are making.  A case in point:  in last quarter's competition on MAIL, the theme was "jewelry incorporating beads" and there were nearly fourty entries. I can't even get five people to vote for sculpture as a theme and there are virtually no artisans selling sculptural items.  I may have found my niche.  I'll see where it takes me.  By no means am I giving up jewelry, especially if I have a request to make something...I just don't want to be another name in a growing crowd.