Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Project

So this weekend I'm embarking on a new project.  I am making a sculpture of Doctor Who's TARDIS out of chainmail.  One might ask why I'm doing that and my answer is for a contest.  I belong to the forums of the Maille Artisans International League (MAIL) and every quarter they have a contest.  The theme this time around is "geekery" - aka making something of chainmail that represents an interest, hobby or fandom that you are associated with.  Now I would certainly have entered my chainmail banner...since Harry Potter is probably my biggest obsession.  However, I already entered the little bit of it that I had done in the inlay contest a few months back.  SO I had the diabolical scheme to make a maille TARDIS.  It has the potential to be uber awesome...and I will post pictures as soon as there's something to take a picture of.  It's not very exciting at the moment. :)

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