Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Titanium. It's amazing!

Can I just say that I am absolutely in love with anodized titanium right now?  The Ring Lord used to carry about four colors of the stuff and they tended to vary in shade within the batch you got.  They were pretty...but not really worth the extra cost of buying them if you just wanted color in your designs (Ti is pretty expensive and very, very expensive as compared with anodized aluminum or enamelled copper).  These days, TRL carries 9 colors and while their website says that the rings do still vary in color from batch to batch, I think they're pretty standard within batches - at least as far as I've seen.

  See? Pretty! (Photo from The Ring Lord)

A couple months ago I got some 20g rings in dark blue and violet because I wanted to make a bracelet from a weave called Arkham.  As it turned out, the rings were too tight to be used for that weave so it ended up as a bracelet made of a weave known as GSG.

The only issue I have with the titanium is that it's pretty springy and the saw cut rings tend to not have a perfectly smooth edge so it makes it very hard to close them in a way that you can't see the join.  It's sadly something that I have no control over though, so I will just have to deal with it.  The colors make it worth the hassle.  I've gotten some rings to remake the dragonscale sections on my steampunk gear choker that I posted before.  The brass and copper are beautiful but they're not very strong in that small wire diameter so I am hoping that the titanium will help solve the problem.  I will post pictures of it when I manage to get it done.

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